Environmental Policy

Signcomp Europe Ltd seeks excellence in every aspect of its business and is committed to addressing the environmental impacts of business operations.

 Our commitment is to:

  •          Manage waste generated according to the principles of reduction and recycling
  •          Continuously improve environmental performance
  •          Improve the efficient use of resources
  •          Give due consideration to environmental issues and energy performance
  •          Comply, as a minimum, with all relevant environmental legislation

 We will:

  •          Seek oversight and review of environmental policies
  •          Set some key objectives for managing environmental performance
  •          Communicate the importance of environmental issues
  •          Work together with staff to promote improved environmental performance
  •          Review our environmental policy regularly

This statement represents our general position on environmental issues and the policies and practices that we will apply in conducting our business.

In addition to commitments to our business operation, SignComp is proud that the products on offer are environmentally friendly too. SignComp products are designed to reduce waste, reduce carbon-footprint and eradicate single-use plastics altogether.

Our Black Clip Flex Systems allows for reduced manufacturing and machinery with an easy to assemble system. There is no need for sewing, eyelets or springs to be manufactured leading to less wastage during the manufacturing process. On top of this, the Black Clips themselves have a lifetime guarantee and are often re-used years after initial purchase.

EASITEX is a brand new and patented Tension Fabric System that does not require a silicone strip to be sewn to the textile print. This simple change has huge benefits including more cost-effective prints, quicker lead-times and better reliability on site. Most importantly of all though, EASITEX is more environmentally friendly than traditional systems eradicating single-use plastics and materials all together. This process allows for far less wastage and replacements as the seamless prints can easily be removed and recycled whilst the internal ‘Grip-Strip’ can be used over and over again.

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