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Shapes for Irregular Signs

You may think that sign boxes and frames are always manufactured in rectangles or squares, or maybe even the odd trapezoid or parallelogram. With the SignComp Econoflex and Retro Systems almost any shape is possible.

With the 'slot and bend' method, the box or frame can be simply formed to any irregular shape, including letters and logos.

With the internal bracing strip, there is no need for welding or multiply fixings – just bend to your shape and fix either end to the extrusion – simple!

You will see many examples of this in the pictures contained within our website. You will also see technical references as to where the cut-line should be in relation to which extrusion you wish to use.

If you feel this is a little complicated or time consuming, please contact us for more information.

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I have used SignComp Europe for a number of years for the sign making equipment they offer. All of the sign making materials I have received have been of the highest quality. I always recommend SignComp to my connections in the industry. Will continue to use.

Harry Oldfield
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