Flexible Wayfinding - A Sign of the Times

Most of us take wayfinding and directional signage for granted – until we find ourselves unable to find where we need to go!

As Kevin Lynch, credited with introducing the term wayfinding in the ’60s, said: “We are supported by the presence of others and by special way-finding devices. But let the mishap of disorientation once occur, and the sense of anxiety and even terror that accompanies it reveals to us how closely it is linked to our sense of balancing and wellbeing.”

As teams of architects and specifiers consider the layout and orientation of various spaces, they must think about how a wayfinding system (indoor or outdoor) will help users navigate to where they need to be.

So many different public and private spaces need effective wayfinding systems.

Interior signage like room numbers, directories and hanging signs can seamlessly guide people through a building, towards various entrances, exits and bathrooms – just think of the outlay of one hospital building or airport terminal alone!

Outdoor wayfinding is equally as important, directing vehicles in a controlled and safe manner. Everyone hates missing the turning because you didn’t spot it until it was too late!

Wayfinding through and beyond Covid-19

Of course, over the last 12 months we have seen, and continue to see, the importance of wayfinding to public health - guiding people safely around one-way systems in public spaces and high-risk areas such as coronavirus testing and vaccination sites.

As we emerge from lockdowns later in the year - with the global economy facing real challenges - signage expenditure, like other costs, will be under real scrutiny in all planned construction or refurbishment projects. That’s why it’s crucial to have a flexible system that is cost-effective, clear and cohesive.

A wayfinding signage system that can be easily adapted at short notice.

A wayfinding signage system that allows you to use the right substrates, colours and branding to move people quickly and safely around your building or space.

A wayfinding solution like Vista System.

Vista has created a complete suite of wayfinding and directional signage systems that work for internal and external spaces. They accommodate a vast number of substrates and manufacturing methods, meaning you can achieve a variety of results - all with the same frame system.

Whether it’s printed paper, engraved, embossed, screen printed substrates, photo-metal, photopolymer, vinyl graphics, photo-luminescent safety, braille or tactile Vista has you covered.

And if you need to change then Vista will adapt with you – quick insert updates eliminate worries about delays or extra costs for a whole new sign.

Trust the signage experts

SignComp Europe is the exclusive distributor of the Vista system in the UK and offers both the Sharp and Curved varieties.

We offer a variety of high-quality solutions:

  • Wall Frames – Wall-mounted signs combine the Vista frame extrusions with any flat, flexible substrate to create a flat or curved-face sign.
  • Projecting Signs – Our flag signs are available in various sizes and come with pre-drilled brackets for an easy installation.
  • Directories – Vista System directory signs are fast, easy and simple to assemble, easy to change and install and can use any design of artwork.
  • Table Stands – “Does what it says on the tin”. They’re ideal for desk or tabletop surfaces and are easy to assemble and are quick to change graphics.
  • Double-Sided Pylons – Pylon signs are great for free-standing areas such as retail spaces to highlight to customers what they can expect to find on each floor.
  • Suspended Signs – Vista profiles which are simply hung from the ceiling to maximise visibility over large areas.
  • Post Pylons – Similar to the doubled sided pylons just simply one-sided. Ideal for hospitality spaces such as hotels and leisure facilities.
  • Poster frames – The perfect solution for posters and POP advertising.

Here for you

SignComp Europe can supply your business with detailed product specifications so that you can quickly establish costs for any project – be it a single directory system for one building or a tender for a multi-site hospital requiring internal and external wayfinding.

We can also send out relevant samples and answer your technical queries.

If you have additional signage requirements then we can complement the Vista System with the SignComp Flex Face Signage Systems (used in over 70% of the UK’s flex signage projects!) and the EASITEX Tension Fabric System so that you can offer a complete signage solution that is tried, tested and guaranteed.

Contact the signage superstars

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