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Here at SignComp Europe, we offer our unique SignComp Clip System to sign-makers throughout the UK and Europe. Our clips fit into all of our flex-face profiles meaning 'one product fits all'. The main benefit to our flex-face system? There is no need to fabricate your vinyl - No rods, no sewing, no eyelets, no clamps, no springs. Save time, save money and save on hassle with our Clip System. Often referred to as the 'Black-Clip System', all clips are manufactured to some of the highest industry standards, you’re guaranteed to receive the highest quality product.

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Flex-Face Signage System

The success of the SignComp Clip System is directly attributed to the unique method of tensioning using our Black-Clips. By ‘clipping’ the vinyl and then inserting the clip within one of our flex systems, you end up with a great finish and without any fabrication of your print. On top of this, the larger tolerances and easily adjustable clips mean installation is a breeze and you are guaranteed a perfect finish every time. There is a reason the SignComp Clip System is the most popular flex-system in the world.

Not only is it easy to install, but the system is also impervious to almost any type of weather condition and is suitable to be used in areas as diverse as the Arctic Circle and the Middle East. Additionally, our system has been wind tested to hundreds of mph and we haven't reported a single system failure in over 30 years of selling - reliability at its best. Couple this with the durability of the clips, which are made from a Delrin-Based Industrial Polycarbonate, to ensure a long-lasting and highly durable product - You have yourself the premier flex-face system on the market.

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