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Retro Sign Frames

Truly a multi-tasking system, the Retro Frames have a number of applications.

When flex first hit the sign industry some 25 years ago, the majority of lightboxes installed around the world were designed to take a variety of other substrates, acrylic, aluminium, wood, etc . By fitting the Retro Frame around the edge of the existing box, it would be transformed into a modern flexface installation.

The Frame can also be used as a non-illuminated application in conjunction with our Wall Mount Bracket, fixed every 1 metre to a suitable background.

When our engineers redesigned and replaced the original Hinged System with a new lighter version, the Retro Frame was integrated into that system, negating the need for extra stock-holding.

Finally, this, the oldest of all our profiles can be used to form irregular shapes by the simple slot and bend method.

Many examples of the Retro Frames versatility can be seen on our gallery pages.

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"I have used SignComp Europe for a number of years for the sign making equipment they offer. All of the sign making materials I have received have been of the highest quality. I always recommend SignComp to my connections in the industry. Will continue to use."

Harry Oldfield
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