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Retro Fitting

Truly a multi-tasking system, our Retro Frame really has evolved over the years to deal with the ever-changing landscape of signage.

When flex-face signage first hit the industry some 25 years ago, the majority of lightboxes installed around the world were designed to take a variety of other rigid substrates like acrylic, aluminium, wood, etc. By fitting the Retro Frame around the edge of an existing box, it would be transformed into a seamless and modern flex-face installation.

Retro Frame

For many years, adapting existing boxes was the main use of our Retro but now it can be used as a frame system on its own. By using our Wall Mount Bracket, fixed every metre, you have yourself a cost-effective flex-frame system that is easy to install. Originally, with a 90mm depth, our Retro would be used for non-illuminated projects but with the advancements in LEDs over the last few years, you could now easily internally illuminate this system.

Finally, this, the oldest of all our profiles can even be used to form irregular shapes by the simple kerf-cutting method - Perfect for matching branding guideline or logo designs. No wonder it has been specified on hundreds of projects during its tenure.

Take a quick look here at our Table Demonstration to get a better understanding our how the system works:

Our Retro, along with our other flex-face systems, uses our famous SignComp Black-Clips where the installation of the fascia is quick and easy with no fabrication needed to the vinyl. Maintenance is also a breeze - a few de-tensioned clips can allow access to the troubled area and the re-tensioning of those clips take seconds.

If you have any questions regarding our Retro Frame, or any other of our flex-face products, then get in touch today. Use the form on the right-hand side, email us at or call us on +44 (0)1403 27 27 04.

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