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EASITEX Tension Fabric System

Here at SignComp Europe, we offer a brand new and patented tension fabric system - EASITEX. The EASITEX sign system is the next evolution in textile signage and offers a number of advantages over traditional soft signage systems. These advantages stem from one major difference, EASITEX does not require any silicone strips - no need to sew or fabricate your textile print!

This simple change results in a product that is more cost-effective and more environmentally friendly whilst offering quicker turnarounds and more reliability. No need to purchase an expensive sewing machine and no need to sew millimetre perfect lines on your prints, just make sure your print is slightly larger than your frame and you are good to go. All of this and you have a great finish every time - no wrinkles and no sizing issues. Textile signage just got easier!

Take a look at our Table Demonstration here:

Why Choose The Easitex Sign System?

There are several reasons you should choose EASITEX over traditional systems:
Save Money - Not needing to sew a silicone strip seems a subtle change but ultimately makes a huge difference. You can save up to 50% on outsourced prints alone and if you bring printing in-house, you could save even further. And remember, you are not just saving once, you save every time the print is changed throughout the lifetime of the sign.
Save Time - Sewing a textile print is a natural bottleneck within the print production process. Eradicating it can cut lead times by more than half. In an industry where time is precious, EASITEX is a huge step forward.
Save the Planet - Not sewing a silicone strip on every single print is by far and away a more sustainable way to work. Less product, no single-use plastics, lower carbon footprint - the list goes on. Be more environmentally friendly with EASITEX.
Reliability - Sewing a silicone strip is extremely difficult to achieve perfectly which ultimately ends up with ill-fitting textile signage all over the world. By eradicating the process altogether, and with large tolerances, be rest assured your EASITEX signage will look great every time.

Take a look at how to install EASITEX:

EASITEX is designed, made and manufactured in the UK to the highest quality. Its simple design means assembly is easy and coupled with our bespoke tension tool, installation is a breeze. EASITEX currently comes in four different depths – 25mm, 50mm, 80mm and 100mm double-sided. We distribute our EASITEX Tension Fabric System to customers throughout the UK and Europe in either Bar Lengths for manufacturing or in Kit Form ready for printers.

For more information on EASITEX, please see the information below or get in touch with us using the form on the right-hand side, emailing us at sales@signcompeurope.com or call us at +44 (0)1403 27 27 04.

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