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Econoflex​ ​System

At SignComp Europe, we offer our Econoflex System which is an economical, illuminated flex-face system that is commonly found on retail parks and industrial estates alike. The lightweight nature and easy-to-assemble design has lead to the Econoflex System being the flex-face system of choice for thousands of contracts and rollout programmes for many years.

Take a look at our Quick Table Demo here to get a better understanding of the system:

The Premier Flex-Box System

Our Econoflex System is available in 4 different depths and is extremely easy to assemble. All using our famous SignComp Black Clip System, the installation of the fascia is quick and easy with no fabrication needed to the vinyl. Maintenance is also a breeze - a few de-tensioned clips can allow access to the troubled area and the replacement of those clips take seconds.

The Econoflex profile is also great for slotting and bending meaning you are no longer restricted to square and rectangular signs. Get creative with different shapes from simple circles all the way to bespoke irregular shapes - All by using the Kerf-Cutting Method. This means our Econoflex System is not only perfect for your large-scale illuminated flex projects but for matching branding guidelines or logo designs too.

Perfect for large applications, easy to assemble, no fabrication required on your vinyl and can create unique shapes - all that and at cost-effect prices too - This truly is the sign system for you.

Take a look at our In-Depth Table Demonstration of our Econoflex System:

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